The Mac is Dead, Long Live the Mac!

I write you this from my brand-spanking new computer (don’t spank my computer!). I cannot tell you how space age I am at my local library working away. It’s been ten minutes, and the battery has not dipped below 100%. (Maybe it’s broken and I’m about to find this out the hard way; I’ll keep you posted.) They keyboard feel is totally different. For one thing, all the keys work. Also, this keyboard is so sensitive it is like the last keyboard was me playing the piano, or trying to turn left in a car whose power steering has gone (I have done both, neither of them well). I am drowning in a sea of bourgeoisie contentment.

If it makes you feel better, I’m working on a paper about bug genitalia that contains one of the most tortured and tortuous figure captions I have ever had the pleasure to edit. And I’ve edited many figure captions in my day. To give you an idea of the scope of this paper, I’ll merely reproduce the contributor’s note. “Authors A and B wrote the paper, and Authors C and D review and edit paper.” I am not complaining, though. I could be attending a meeting on determining the standards of excellence of an organization.

Are you feeling oppressed or liberated today?



9 responses to “The Mac is Dead, Long Live the Mac!

  1. That’s exciting (BTW, I learned to type on a manual typewriter). Bug genitalia? really.

    You should know though, that the contributors’ note is a template. The journal made them write it that way. I find it arrogant that C and D should come anywhere near authorship. that’s science for you!

      • you might be surprised how little C and D actually did. They just run the lab, most likely. Please do not gloat about the fact that I did not pick up the mixed tenses.

      • C and D contributed tools or enzymes or something, saving authors A and B thousands of dollars in grant money their institutions didn’t have, and thus needed to be appreciated properly by being declared author.

        Wouldn’t dream of it. 😛

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