Thirty-Most Mumbles

It has not been the best week at Fangs and Clause Central. We put the cat (aka my stripy overlord) down last week. She is now in cat heaven, where if she glares at dogs, they disappear. She spends the day next to a fishpond, where the fish taste like liver, chicken, and cheese all at once (but not mixed together, because that’s gross). Cream falls from the sky and forms puddles at her feet. And there are always points of light for her to chase.

Today I’ve turned thirty-most mumbles. Let’s just say it’s my last year to submit to Yale Younger Poets, and I don’t even have a working manuscript anymore. But that’s okay. I have a nonfiction manuscript that is nearing 50,000 pages. I have an arc, I just have to put it into play.

And what do I want for my birthday? I’m so glad you asked. Give me book recommendations. I prefer nonfiction and schlock novels. But I’m interested in anything you have to suggest. Downith told me to read Levels of Life, and I loved it. What else do you have for me?


6 responses to “Thirty-Most Mumbles

  1. Happy birthday, Indy!

    I haven’t read any good schlock novels lately but I just finished THE KEEP by Jennifer Egan. And by finished, I mean that I read it on Saturday, started over and read it again yesterday. So good…

  2. have you heard of Arthur Upshaw? I don’t know if his work counts as schlock: early 20th, Australian mystery novels. Am enjoying them.

  3. Happy Birthday Indy, and I’m so sorry about your stripy overlord. Our lives would be the lesser without them.

    So, given that timing, and the schlock request, I’m going to recommend an amazing book written by a great, great writer, written after he knew he would soon die.
    The dedication he wrote in it says, Dedicated to Bad writing.
    It’s called Pulp, and was written by Charles Bukowski, and if you’ve not read it, now would be a great time to do so. It’s short, schlock, and truly magnificent.

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