Gratitude List

1. I’m fucking grateful that I’ve been offered a class to teach, oh except we’re not sure it’s going to run yet, so don’t research too much into what you might read or teach. I can get complacent. Uncertainty and gnawing anxiety definitely combats that. Also, checking my Second Job email obsessively to see whether I need to go to training sessions or to see whether I could find out more about this potential class gives a manic rhythm to my day. And planning a class in a week when I’ve never really taught before is good for my sense of creativity. Too bad I can’t put it on my resume.

2. I’m fucking grateful that my sister is awesome, because otherwise I would spend a good portion of this post complaining that she wants me to send her a pound of tea halfway around the world. She’s lucky I don’t dump it in the harbor. I mean, if she weren’t awesome, I would spend a lot more time complaining about how much of a pain in the ass it is for me to go to the post office and figure out international shipping rates, and that would definitely break up my maniacal email-checking schedule. And it would make me look like an ungrateful wretch. We couldn’t have that.

3. I’m fucking grateful that my ADD doc is clearly too ADD to call me back. Who needs meds, or work? Not me. I have email to maniacally check. No time to focus on work.

4. I’m fucking grateful that I have shin splints. Running is exhausting, and it helps me focus. No time to focus; must obsessively check email!

What are you grateful for?


8 responses to “Gratitude List

  1. I am grateful that:

    1) you think I am awesome (but hurry up and send me that tea),
    2) that it doesn’t snow where I live


    Dr C

  2. 1. My husband only needed three stitches in his finger and I got to watch the doctor do it.

    2. I now know why Dr. Cougar wanted me to put stitches in Vince’s bullet wound and will be rewriting my rewrite. Again.

    3. I was going to spend my day off tomorrow writing in my boring old coffee shop, but will now get to write in the hospital cafeteria while waiting for my MIL’s oncologist to give her a once over!

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