Adjunct Clause, round II

It’s a go, captain. I will be teaching this semester in front of real live undergraduates. Previously, my teaching experience was limited to online. And, yes, I am terrified.

But it’s basically an advanced composition class, and if I can do anything in this world, it is to talk about writing. I’ve spent the early part of my morning looking for essays to corrupt young minds with for students to read. And, lord, but I’m tempted to make them read this. I got into a conversation with some student colleagues last year and they literally did not know what adjuncts were. And, yet, they are taught by 75% adjuncts.

Adjuncts are supposed to be people like me, people with other jobs who teach a class periodically to keep their hands in. Universities should not be staffed mostly by adjuncts. It is not fair to the students or to the adjuncts. It is only fair to the HR department, because then they don’t have to pay health insurance or a living wage. And employees who are scared to lose their tenuous employment are more biddable than your average academic.

OK, rant over. I’ve enjoyed reading essays that make me think. I’ve enjoyed thinking about essays that will make them think. I will try not to overwhelm them with my liberal agenda. I will try to not make them hate me. I will try not to stutter. I bought some fabulous shoes this summer; that will help, right? (And, yes, the second thing I thought on hearing that the class will run is, “holy fuck, what will I wear??”)

What essays have changed the way you look at the world?


7 responses to “Adjunct Clause, round II

  1. Most of the essays in Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions (about motherhood), Bird by Bird (about writing) and Traveling Mercies (about self-faith) have cahnged me

    Then there’s “Staying at a Japanese Inn” by Dave Berry. I was moved to tears. 🙂

  2. Joan Didion In Bed and The Dam.

    Gay Talese, Frank Sinatra Has A Cold. (how to write a profile of someone having never met them)

    David Foster Wallace (anything)

    Roxane Gay’s new collection!!!

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