Indy Clause’s Guide to Pedagogy

When you come up with an idea for an assignment (in the shower, of course) and you think, “Oh my god, my students are going to HATE me,” then it’s probably a pretty good assignment.

One of my former student colleagues stopped by the other day. “Are you going to be one of the really hard teachers like [professor redacted] who fails everyone for one single error in their reference section?” This professor is famed for that, as well as being “99 pounds of pure rage,” as my same colleague puts it. I have defended this professor in casual conversation, although I don’t know her. If you’re going to write up references, you might as well do them right. But I can’t steal her thunder. Instead I’m going to stare the class down and say, “I don’t care which style you use, as long as it’s correct. And I once spent three months editing references, so don’t think I won’t notice.”

But my same colleagues are totally in support of my teaching. “You know it so well,” said one former colleague. “Yes, you can curse,” comforted another. I still advertise myself as per one of my former colleagues who said, “She kicks my ass, but in a good way.” I swear I’m going to put that on business cards some day.

What’s your most recent good idea?


13 responses to “Indy Clause’s Guide to Pedagogy

  1. I gave my whole class an extension for their last assignment. Not because I hadn’t given them enough time, but because I was so sick of getting individual requests for extensions that didn’t meet my school’s standards for extensions that I decided to stop writing long explanations to each individual, and just make them shut up and finish. Kill them with love. No. that’s not it. Love thyself so you (thee?) can love them? In any case, they all now love me.

  2. Yay, Indy! I think this adventure outside of your comfort zone (while being perfectly in your comfort zone) is going to bring wonderful things. Go get ’em with every comma you’re made of!

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