First-World Problems

1. I was supposed to write 1,000 words today. I (figuratively) kicked and screamed and (literally) paced and checked all manner of electronic distractions. Then I wrote 300 words and the process began all over again. I wrote new things and formulated new ideas, inspired/comforted in part by this video about writing. And then I wrote 300 words more and paced and read about bento boxes and threw the ball for the dog. And now I have 966 words, and I need to have 34 more. I could just stop where I am and say good enough, but what if in writing the 34 I come up with a brilliant new idea?

2. I made gorgeous eggs for my sister-in-law and me this morning. Cheesy scrambled eggs at just the right level of fluffy eggs and perfect melt, and I doused mine in homemade salsa my friend brought to dinner last night. I am not hungry afterwards, but I want to eat the whole thing again. Twice. Right now.

3. The end of summer means I have to put on pants and closed-toed shoes to go to work. My hair has to be somewhat socially acceptable, and things need to match within reason. I looked up a famed blog about academia and read that female professors should wear heels and makeup, if they can stand it. Well, I can’t stand it. So it’s freckles and nonexistent eyelashes until the freckles disappear due to lack of light and the bags darken beneath my eyes anew.

What’s your first-world problem?


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