One Lovely Blog Among Many

So, I’ve been tagged. I have to reveal seven things about myself that my lovely readers and/or my sister didn’t know already.

1. I had to take a modified Meyers–Briggs test at work this fall, and it turns out that I was the only INTF at the workplace. Of course. (It’s a common type, I guess, but very few introverts work in my job.) And I’m contrary by nature. So I’m not going to just shut up and do this thing without complaining list things about myself, or rather I am, but I’m going to take it in a very specific direction. (Listen, you guys are lucky I don’t have time to write these in sapphics.) Last night I attended a reading at my former bookstore of employ. I didn’t recognize anyone who worked there, but the sound of people walking down the stairs was intimately familiar, and the lonely loonies were still there, although looking more grizzled and washed out than they were last time I saw them. In honor of that, I am going to write about books.

2. Booksellers are a little judgy about other people’s reading material. One of the best compliments I have ever received was the time the events guy came down to the break room and asked me what I was reading over my dinner break. (It was Jimmy Santiago Baca’s A Place to Stand.) And he said in an admiring voice, “I never know what you’ll be reading.”

3. Between the ages of 21 and 31, whenever I heard someone mention a book they were reading, I always knew of it.

4. My favorite amino acid is cysteine. (My cousin demanded that I have one, and we hashed it out together. He did most of the work. [This is why my family is not like other people.])

5. My favorite punctuation mark is the en dash. Its use is so specific.

6. I can’t stay on topic, even when my topic of choice is books. My favorite poet from my early twenties is H.D. Oh, look, there’s a chicken.

7. I thought George Saunders was a writer for hipster douchebags (uninformed bookseller judgement), until I read The Braindead Microphone. Turns out that the guy is a genius. Read him for his voice and for his surprises. This is someone who is not relying on cliche to get words on the page. (Goes back to thinking about lecture notes and how to teach undergraduates about academic cliches.)

Tell me surprising things about yourself or your taste in books below.


7 responses to “One Lovely Blog Among Many

  1. I am a little bit put out that (y)our cousin didn’t make me have a favourite amino acid which makes you more interesting than I.

    I prefer the semi-colon (because I use it so gracefully, and make my students do so too) and whatever it is that you put between adjectives when you have one modifying the other in front of the noun (I would have said “hyphen,” but then you’ll probably shoot me dead and call it an n-dash), like “the yellow-feathered rooster”. Oh, and I obviously like parentheses too.

  2. I haven’t read much George Saunders, but then I got _Tenth of December_ and read some of it, and then I taught the short short “Victory Lap” from that collection. I love “Victory Lap”! And I love the semi-colon! Regarding books, I think I might be the only one among my English department friends and/or colleagues who sometimes reads genre fiction.

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