Editing for marriage and profit

1. It’s a good day when you google a phrase to see whether it should be hyphened (your English major/copyeditor brain insists that it should be hyphenated, but you have been tricked by science before), and you find the phrase hyphened in your very own journal.

2. Copyediting your beloved’s work is weird. There are things you miss because you know what he’s talking about even in fiction. It’s almost as bad as copyedidting your own work. You see things that he does that you think are brilliant, and then there are the things he does that are irritating and repetitive. Copyediting is about looking at something in excruciating detail. It is not unlike living with someone.

3. “Profit” is a bit metaphorical.

4. I might have more to say about editing if I had not just had lunch with a friend and drifted into the thrift store. I am now the proud owner of a houndstooth wool jacket. It has turned my head.

“It’s elegant!” my friend said. “And it works with both jeans and something more fancy.”

“Good,” I said. “Last week I almost wore my Carhart jacket to class, because I had nothing nicer to keep me warm.”

What’s turning your head these days?


10 responses to “Editing for marriage and profit

  1. That Chinese translation I mentioned just posted! I can’t read a word of it, but it’s still pretty. 🙂

    Plus I have the next two days off and I’m going to a concert tonight! Woot!

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