Coming Out

All right, people. I’m half-outing myself for a good cause. The book of short stories, Easiest If I Have a Gun, written by the man I am married to is available for preorder today.

I agreed to go out with [DP] on the strength of our written correspondence. I like them smart and I like them to know their way around the English language. (This is why online dating is great for writers.) We had a very scary moment a few weeks in where we showed each other our writing. This was possibly even more scary than when we showed each other other things. For the second instance, if it isn’t perfectly great the first time, you can work on it. This is not as true for the writing. Fortunately I liked his writing.

If you like dark and funny stories about working-class adolescence, this is your book. If you have ever watched the Dukes of Hazard or a marriage fall apart or stay together, you will like this book. Can a man write convincingly about craft ladies? Yes, he can.

If I were to write a blurb, it would say:

[DP] writes like a dream.

or maybe

[DP] writes even better than he cooks.

or maybe

Reader, I married him.


[And look out for our very own Downith, who won a character with her name from one of my silly contests.]



9 responses to “Coming Out

  1. Anyone who can write a short story called “Shit Weasel Is Late for Class” is my kind of guy. Unless, I mean, I’m not Shit Weasel am I? Shit, am I?

    Seriously though, how do I buy it if overseas?

  2. Congratulations, Mr. Indy! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Although yours will take a backseat to The Lightning Thief which my son tells me I just HAVE to read. I think I’ve read more kid’s books now than when I was actually a child…

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