Manic Scramble, Day 3

I’m burning my candles at both ends, to quote my girl Edna. It’s DP’s grad school friends and smoked meat products and whiskey at the end of the night, and it’s write my ass off all day. This is not unlike a writing residency.

Tonight is DP’s book launch, and tomorrow I fly home. I calculate I’ll be spending five or six hours on public transportation (including airplane) and hope to get some good writing done there. And grade papers. But mostly write.

I am running on adrenaline and happiness. It turns out that there is nothing I’d rather be doing than writing all day, talking to interesting people at night, chasing my friend’s small girls around the house and being chased in turn.

OK back to it. I have four hours to get most of my way through the next section. (I was working earlier today in a nice peaceful coffeeshop, but I had to leave because I couldn’t handle not muttering out loud to myself as I revised.)


Indy Clause


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