Manic Scramble, Day I-Have-No-Idea

I am a day ahead of schedule writing/editingwise, which is a good thing because I am hungover, exhausted, and coming down with a cold. The book launch was amazing. It was standing room only (although a very small space), and I leaned in the back and beamed like an idiot. I married well.

I’m working on the section of the book where the title comes from, and it reminds me of my arc. Joan Didion writes all day and then reads her pages in the evening with a drink. I have not been reading what I have edited, although I originally thought I would read the whole thing every morning before I started. However if I don’t get the timing wrong, I should have most of Thursday to do the final read through and catch inconsistencies. Or not.

Now is not the time for major structural changes or broad anxiety about whether or not my arc is all it should be. Cut, elaborate, and polish the prose until it shines. No whiskey tonight. I will sleep after I drive. Let’s hope my pages are more coherent than this post.

Let’s all get the fuck of the internet and writing.


12 responses to “Manic Scramble, Day I-Have-No-Idea

    • The Philosophy and Life of [Paternal Clause’s Full Name]

      After Third Sister suggested the above title in all seriousness, I stopped telling my sisters the title of my book. Even the Indy-friendly one.

      • Some things are not meant to be shared. Like a proposed book title, because as I have learned from most every published writer I know, the title never ends up being the title; plus, no matter the person’s opinion, good or bad, you start to think differently about your choice.

        And I’ll add, along the same line, if I were going to give birth I would never share the names I’d chosen. You say the name and people tend to respond with (a) I was going to use that name!, or (b) That’s my sister’s dog’s name!, or (c) That was the mean girl who tortured me in 3rd grade! There is nothing to be gained by sharing.

  1. I’m a big believer in working titles, though in my case it’s mostly a defense against all those people who think (with some justification) that my titles stink on ice.

  2. Well, since we’re doing truth disclosure, let it be known that I am more generous than my very-much-younger-youngest sister, Indy. I even let her choose the chapter titles in my last book (Not the book title. The publishers got to do that.)! And she won’t tell me the title! Really? Is that fair?

    C’mon Indy!

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