CNF for Fun and Profit

The fog outside (which is all spooky and atmosphere) matches the fog in my head. I am still stumbling through my days. I assume at some point I will recover my alertness, but by then it will be Thanksgiving. (Let’s not talk about Thanksgiving at the moment.)

On the bright side, I’ve been talking about creative nonfiction in my class. Suddenly I don’t need to prepare excessively. I don’t need to read old textbooks. This shit just spills right out of me. Yesterday I even, (gasp!) improvised.

Of course I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing tomorrow in class. And only one kid constructed an effective argument in the last paper. I wish I were back in [city redacted] in a borrowed apartment writing my little fucking heart out.

Where would you like to be?


8 responses to “CNF for Fun and Profit

  1. Right here is pretty damned good, but I dream of sitting at a tiny round wicker table outside a Paris cafe, in my coat and scarf, sipping good coffee while putting pen to paper.

  2. “Where would you like to be?”
    Pretty sure you can at least part-relate to this — as a bipolar, ADHD-riddled addle-brained freak, i’d like to be, just for one fucking hour, away from ME.
    I often tell people I’m sorry they have to put up with me, I know I’m difficult and exhausting and annoying, but it could be worse — I have to be with me ALL THE TIME.
    They generally laugh, thinking I’m joking. You get this, right? A bit? Please? Maybe? Now I’m desperate as well as exhausted…

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