My To Do List

1. Write thank you note to the small daughters of friends as if the note were from my dog.

2. Come up with a basic list of questions to help guide my class through the peer review process.

3. Get more coffee.

4. Get more coffee. No, wait, I got stuck on that one.

5. Clean out office dining room so that 16 people can have Thanksgiving dinner here.

6. Critique poems for dream team writing group.

6a. I cannot tell you how pleased I am to be part of this poetry group. These women have published books! And are smart and nice and funny; all the things you want in a poetry group. Some are better poets than me too.

7. Finish paper about anthropogenic climate change.

7a. Reflect on the fact that we are all doomed.

7b. Drink more coffee.

8. Write more for the fucker even though I feel as if I’ve covered every single topic I could possibly cover. Yesterday I had a small breakthrough about how my awkward section relates to my first section. Now I have to get that idea into lucid prose. No problem, right?

8b. Think about drinking more coffee, but acknowledge that another cup would be hell on my nerves.

9. Read James Baldwin, who is an interesting counterpart to Joan Didion, who I have also been reading obsessively.

10. Acknowledge that after all of this, I am much more likely to read the new Hank Philippi Ryan mystery story I checked out of the library yesterday.

11. Acknowledge additionally that I might possibly have a book problem. Refuse to seek treatment. It’s probably not really a problem.

12. Tutor a bunch of college kids. Collapse in front of the TV and watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

12a. Reflect on how irritating it is to type out “S.H.I.E.L.D.”

13. Do it all over again.

What are you doing today?


20 responses to “My To Do List

  1. I just finished Didion’s Year of Magical Thinking. Didn’t much care for it (or her transparent ploys to segue into any aside that would allow her to drop names of the famous and powerful people who were her friends). I’d read a lot of her nonfiction years ago. I think I’m done with her. I’d also read a lot of Baldwin in days past.

    A collection of short stories by a fellow named Martin arrived in the mail, and I’ve begun reading those.

    Otherwise, trying to write, trying to run in this cold, and trying to get the perpetual gloom to lift from my soul. Just the usual stuff.

  2. Oddly, I have ALSO been reading Joan Didion lately … Yesterday I read her Paris Review interview from, I believe, 2006, where the interviewer suggests she didn’t have to move around so much from CA to NY, that she could have just stayed home in Sacramento and been a novelist. She replied, in perfect Joan Didion style, “I was never a big fan of people who don’t leave home. I don’t know why. It just seems part of your duty in life.”

    Here’s to Joan.

  3. I can’t remember…

    Hey – don’t you have troubles sleepng? what’s with all the coffee?! Stop drinking so much coffee!

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