The Talk

Indy Clause to half-asleep spouse: I have a question.

DP: What time is it?

Indy (avoiding the issue of whether or not the sun is over the horizon): It’s a serious question.

DP: Mmmph?

Indy: Um, do you think it might be, I mean, would you read my memoir?

DP in his best movie voice: Noooooooooooooo!

Indy: Be serious. This is important.

DP: I don’t mean it.

Indy to self: I’ll bet you do, but I’m going to ignore that for now.

Indy to DP: Don’t you want to know what I said about you?

DP: There’s only so many times you can read about how great you are.

Indy: Eye roll

Indy to DP: You can do it over winter break. I mostly need to know if there is enough dramatic tension. And you’re really good at plot and figuring out if there is enough dramatic tension. [Flattery always works, right?]

DP: Save your drama for your (memoir about your daddy and) mama.


12 responses to “The Talk

  1. Woah! Really! You are at that stage. Whoah (again)!

    Part 2:

    The Phone Call (middle of the night somewhere. Broad daylight at the other place):

    Indy: Hey Cougar. Are you awake?

    Dr Cougar: That ‘s “Dr” Cougar to you. Of course I am awake! It’s 1PM in (name of place Dr Cougar lives). What’s up?

    Indy: Sorry, Hey Dr Cougar. I’m calling to apologise. I knew you would be the best person to give me feedback about my memoir. DP doesn’t even mind me saying that, considering he thinks so too. So, I wanted to ask you to read it. Do you mind being nice to me for a change? I know you think you are always nice, but you’re my cruddy big sister, and so your “nice” is often condescending, pompous and “not” nice.

    Dr Cougar: ahem. I could think about it. Maybe.

    Indy: But I know you’ll give me such GOOD feedback!

    Dr Cougar: Well…

    Indy: Comon!

    Dr Cougar: ’bout time! Can’t wait! Gimme!!! Yay! Really? You’re almost there! Fabulous! I am so proud of you! Was hoping you’d ask!

    Indy: shut up Cougar.

    Dr Cougar: Okay

  2. I’ll read it. Don’t you want my feedback?!? Mine would be much more valuable. I know nothing about writing but can tell you if it’s good or not without getting technical. I’m about to spend 3 weeks on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere with over 100 members of my husbands family at their family reunion. Please give me something to do!!!!

  3. If you are not going to answer the phone, Indy, you should at least hassle me when I (try to) gang up on you with Cubby. You asleep or something?

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