Gratitude List

1. I am fucking grateful that I had a huge argument with DP last night about pretty much nothing. That means we don’t have to argue on Thanksgiving day. It’s good to plan ahead.

2. I am fucking grateful for this rain. Cold water falling from the sky makes going to the compost place to dump all our leaves that much more bracing. And it makes me stay inside and get editing done, because lord knows I have editing to do.

3. I am fucking grateful that I put the new loaf of bread too close to the stove with disastrous results and now I can’t have toast for breakfast like I was planning. I mean, if DP did that, we’d have to have another huge argument over nothing, and I don’t have the time or the energy.

4. I am fucking grateful that it is supposed to rain, then snow, then rain again on Wednesday when I will be driving a few towns north to pick up beautiful local turkeys. It will remind me that I am no longer a delicate southerner who gets vapors when a few flakes fall from the sky.

5. I am fucking grateful that sixteen people are coming to my house in a few short days to be fucking grateful.

Your turn. What are you grateful for?


13 responses to “Gratitude List

  1. I am grateful that I am alive to be grateful.
    And, that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is still a tradition. I won’t watch it, too commercial, but it is a heartening-constant of the holidays.

  2. Turns out I should have been grateful for putting the bread too close to the stove because we had waffles! Much better than toast.

    And I’m glad you’re both writing and alive and avoiding the Thanksgiving Parade. I aim to do all of those things too.

  3. I just slogged through the wet snow for five blocks (and back) to see my daughter hold up a flute for ten minutes at the local Festival, for which I paid ten dollars and burned 67 minutes of vacation time.

    But I received a hug and a smile and she asked if she could sit with me afterward to hear the choir. I hadn’t planned on staying, but I did, and won another hug.

    Totally worth the wet socks, empty wallet, and iced nasal passages!

  4. the butterfly fabric on a chair
    that the Ferguson decision has finally, if disastrously, been said.
    that I remembered, for a change, to pack toothpaste
    40 degree weather
    the new Meghan Daum book of essays
    that song from “Mulan” and that crazy-high note — Reflection
    you, Indy.

    • I am grateful for other people’s coherently expressed righteous anger about the Ferguson decision.
      I am grateful you are back to recommending nonfiction books for me, especially when I have a bookstore trip planned today.
      I am grateful for you too!

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