Rivers in Egypt

I pretty much deny the existence of holidays until I cannot deny them any longer. That day is today. There are 25,000 things I have to do before going to [location redacted] and spend time with triplets who really passionately believe in the holidays. I mean, I guess I did too when I was 10.

I liked my ignorance. It was warm and devoid of the colors red and green. There are good books there and a lot of silence. But I’m going to haul my lazy ass a few states away to do this family/holiday/whatever thing. I’m going to have potato latkes at a friend’s house tonight and then it’s all Christmas all the time.

I’m taking a reboot of my schlock novel with me in case I feel like writing something. In theory, I’m going to submit things today. A friend gave me a lead on an online class, so it could be that the adventures of Adjunct Clause will continue. Can’t complain, but will anyway.

What should I read next week? I’m looking for mystery novels or memoirs. I hope your little world is filled with fudge, good beer, and easy relations with uneasy people. Don’t let the bastards get you down.


Indy Clause


7 responses to “Rivers in Egypt

  1. What to read next week? I jus made it through the Rabbi books (Friday the rabbi slept late, Thursday the rabbi walked out, Monday he did something else). They’re averagely written, but sweet and it took me 6 of the 7 books to be able to pick the crim (STart with Friday, BTW).

    And to contrast with that, I am now reading Stuart MacBride. His books are disgustingly violent, and take place in Aberdeen, where if you believe what you read (in his books) it rains ALL the time, so it makes wherever you are feel that much nicer. He’s got this dorky detective who’s just terribly niiiice and wins all the time while stumbling over his feet….

    Or you could read that huge stack of books I bought you to . Already tired of them?


  2. I’m reading 2 novels. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves (Averil’s suggestion) and Gangsterland. Love them both.

    I have sooooo much food in my house, it’s crazy

    • Tom Perotta. And he may be one of the most humble writers I’ve ever seen in person, so between that and his huge talent, I grab up everything he writes.

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