Hot Damn!

I am so glad to be home that I promised to read one of my friend’s sample chapters and pitch letter just so I could spend time at Mom and Dad’s my dining room table and computer back in what seems to be my real life. Christmas was fine. The triplets were great. Ten is a fun age. They are sarcastic and know things and all their irritating characteristics were blotted out by affection and an uncanny ability to make Grumpy Cat faces.

I still hate Christmas though.

In other news, Adjunct Clause rises again! This time I’m teaching a gender and culture class. I did some prep work and I cannot even express how much I love this shit. Culture spews all sorts of garbage about how men and women should and shouldn’t be. Toys are more gendered now than they were 50 years ago.

Last month I helped a student with a paper about advertising. Some hunky sports guy was modeling UGG boots for men.

“Why is [sickeningly famous sports guy; could I please stop reading about him, local paper? I don’t care that his girlfriend *gasp* wears a bikini!] wearing girl’s boots?” her friends all said when they took her survey.

Seriously? The boots were not pink, high heeled, or covered in sheepskin. And even if they were, why are any of those things specifically made for women? For the record, I thought his boots were beautiful and I would wear them in a second. But then I would dress mostly in men’s clothing and shoes if they made them in my shape and size.

How do you queer your gender?


8 responses to “Hot Damn!

  1. Here in Australia, UGG boots were originally seen as being for men. Quote from Ms iSkirt: “When they came out, women wouldn’t be seen dead in them — then Pamela Anderson was photographed wearing a pair.”
    Stupid fashion followers.
    They’re super comfy though, and lots of people used to wear them here, both men and women, for a long time. But after the company was bought out by a big nasty corporation, who were suing anyone who used what was really a generic name, many Australians went Fuck You and stopped wearing them at all.

    Anyway: “How do you queer your gender?”

    I’m a solid, scary-looking 6-foot Aussie bloke with a long grey beard and lots of hair — which I sometimes put into strange little pigtails and such before going out into the world. Funny thing, no one ever says a word. I’d like to think that’s because people are becoming more tolerant, but it may be becaue I still look scary, and possibly crazy as well.

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