Take the Coffee

I’m trying not to write the essay I’m writing as a blog post, so thank you Sarah W. for giving me something else to write about. It’s time for a poem-off. Sarah wrote about slams, so I’m going with music and poetry.

A blog post recently brought Miller Williams to my attention.

Sitting Alone at Sunrise: Problems in the Space-Time Continuum

If in the future
a time traveller
comes back to this moment
he’s here now.

At 15,000 feet you see a car
run off a country road and turn over.
It’s already a county away.
Take the coffee.

There will come a year
when one by one your friends
thumbing past your last address
will think to mark through it.

If I could be
in two places at once
I would be with you twice
all the time.

– Miller Williams

I’ll confess, I used to see his books in my local southern used bookstore and I thought he was a minor old-fashioned poet. Boy, was I wrong.

I had been a fan of Miller Williams’ daughter Lucinda for years. DP says he once saw them read together. (Swoon.) In addition, his friend who arranged the reading posted on facebook that Miller Williams was one of the most pleasant poets she had ever worked with.



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