ADD in the information age

My facebook page has had an ad for ADHD in its sidebar for about a year. I don’t talk or read much about ADHD on facebook. But clearly I click on too many things and check facebook too many times for very short periods of time. It has my number.

People decry social media and the lack of attention span the Internet brings. And I understand that. But I also love it. I love all the random things I know. Today as I watched my dog do his business in the yard (I have to stay at the door so I don’t forget he’s outside, thanks, ADD), I thought about something I read recently. (Fine, I heard it on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, my all-time favorite radio show.) It turns out that dogs align themselves on a north–south axis to poop. Sure enough, my dog’s head was pointed north and his ass was south. And I thought about magnetic poles and migrating birds. What is it about magnetism and the Earth’s creatures that we don’t know?

I’m also reading an article that compares Third Reich Germany to the Jim Crow South. The author challenges the view that something like the Holocaust could not have happened in the US because the US is more liberal and pluralistic. But in fact Germany was one of the most liberal countries in Europe in the early twentieth century, which is why so many Jews lived there. The author posits that if another crisis had occurred in the US, perhaps another Depression, that we could very well have developed our own kind of Holocaust. He also reminds us that Jim Crow lasted two full decades past the Third Reich. Not so progressive now are we?

I know I’m supposed to be editing my journal article. I know I’m supposed to be loading up information for my class online. I know I’m supposed to continue entering edits for The Fucker. But this shit feeds my mind, keeps the ADD at a happy hum, and I regret nothing.

What feeds your mind?


12 responses to “ADD in the information age

  1. The most random things feed my mind, generally when I’m not even looking for encouragement. I keep myself open to this possibility. When I go looking for knowledge, I disappointed half the time.

  2. Friends who post things that make me look up Japanese-American interment camps . . .

    And also, for some reason, craft books full of things I can do and would love to say I did, but not actually want to do enough to do.

  3. Never apologize for listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!

    Now that I’ve allowed my once-focused brain to scatter on the internet and phone and TV etc… I have a much harder time focusing on anything. I swear I see a marked difference between now and 10 years ago, even 5 years ago, and it’s not age. I was just talking with a friend about spending many weeks at a house without good wifi coverage and how that freaks me out. How will I stream an emergency Netflix movie? What if the wifi goes out! (which it apparently does, often) etc… And she said, “Did you ever think that might be a good thing?”

    Oh man.

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