All I Write About Is Snow

The only thing I can see from my house is snow. I read NOAA’s weather forecast for fun. I haven’t started Second Job because of snow. The news is cluttered with stories about how the infrastructure of my area can’t handle the snow. I almost put my back out shoveling. More snow is on the way.

And then I read this:

We have a mass of arctic air pushing south towards [region redacted]. Ironically, it’s this cold dense air which likely will prevent us from seeing a big snow event Thursday. As this arctic air moves south, it will bring a period of light snow showers or flurries. This is where a coating to an inch or two of snow will come from tomorrow.

Now, I’m not a climate scientist, but I don’t think it’s ironic that cold dense air will prevent a snow event. I can’t explain why that’s going to happen, but I believe that there is a solid meteorological reason behind it. It probably has something to do with convection or orthogenesis or microbursts. [Management: Hold onto your woolen caps, readers. Indy Clause is perfectly aware that it has nothing to do with any of those things, except maybe convection.]

It’s almost enough to make me long for the days in the cubicle farm editing books about glass baubles when I couldn’t see natural light for eight hours a time. Almost.


8 responses to “All I Write About Is Snow

  1. Pssst! Indy! If you publish information about known, and widely-broadcast weather events, and conceal the name of the place you are talking about, people may just figure out where you come from.

    I think you should talk about the weather in, say, [country deleted], where:

    “as a result of [prefix deleted]-arctic air is pushing [direction deleted] toward [name of place deleted] bringing snow to above 900m in the Rock and Pillar [noone knows where that is anyway] range.” (‘cept that it’s summer here!).

    • I know. I can’t help it. But the Northeast is vast and filled with people who could be writing little snarky copyeditor blogs.

      Whenever I go to the library, I look at each person behind the desk and think, Are you Sarah W?

  2. I think the storm that just missed us yesterday was pushed away by the mass of dense cold viruses that’s been accumulating over our house since November. I’m out sick again today–sore throat…

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