It’s hard to get anything done when you have to shovel out your back door every two hours to make sure you can still leave the house. I wouldn’t worry about leaving the house ever again if little dogs didn’t have to go outside to pee. Although I might run out of bourbon and something to read.

I’ve been working through the snow days because I have a class online and editing does not care what it looks like outside. The world is about as bleary and pale as my mind. Snowdrifts have leapt the (four-foot) fence now in two places in the yard, and I guess it’s a good thing my dog has short legs or he might have leapt the fence too.

In the southern neck of the woods where I was born and raised, it would snow a little a couple times a year. Maternal Clause took those snowdays as time to clean out the linen closet. Indy Clause does not keep house a fraction as well as her mother did.

During these days of being indoors I have cluttered up the house. I have been inside so long that yesterday I even cleaned a little. Then I went to bed and wrote a poem. I’m supposed to enter final edits for luckier draft 14 of my memoir, but I haven’t been. DP and I are watching Stargate-1. Not too violent or depressing or stupid.

[Management acknowledges that you might be tired of hearing about the snow. Apologies for any inconvenience, but this shit is historic.]

What do you do when you’re stuck indoors?


13 responses to “Production

  1. Can we call it snowmageddon yet, because it seems like it’s pretty much that at this point. And even at previous points.

    Speaking of online classes, I just started one with Lidia Yuknavitch. It’s my first online class, and it’s called Sex Death and Memoir, and right now we’re focusing on sex without using any of the tropes or words or situations commonly used to write about or even think sex, so it’s both completely baffling and freeing. And terrifying. If there’s anything I DON’T want to write about it’s sex. I thought I was going to be sick when I hit “send” for my first assignment. And yet somehow I think this is good for me. (oy, the things we do ….)

    • I am laughing out loud. That is a very thin kind of blanket. One you wouldn’t want even if it were only -2 (C). Up here in the Northern Steppes the “blanket” has reached people crushing depths. I considered the art of igloo making as I shoveled/tunneled out my front walk yesterday.

      I kid you not -2 would be a warm day today.

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