Fit to Print?

In a stunning example of white privilege not seen since the Yahoo! News headline “Americans explore Muslim Holidays” [as if there weren’t Americans who were Muslims], the New York Times publishes a winner this morning.

Killing seen as a ‘Ferguson’ for Hispanics

Oh, good. All of us white people can go back to watching Portlandia, and not worry about little things like murder and patterns of racial injustice. Only specific racial groups need to concern themselves with police brutality. Thank you, New York Times, for absolving white people of any responsibility of benefitting from or participating in white supremacist institutions. It’s only brown people getting killed. You know, they do that. Something in their nature. Sure has nothing to do with systematic prejudice and lack of economic opportunity. Nope. Nothing to see here, folks, move on.

What the fuck, New York Times? If police killings are not a nationwide all-people issue, then what is? Oh, right. Fashion week, George Clooney, and sportsball. Feh.


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