For the Record

One hundred inches of snow in a month or so can test a person. It can test her inner resources, it can test her marriage, it can test her will to live. I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships recently because one of the major friendships of my life died last year. I think of my friend with her boyfriend, and how she couldn’t maintain her friendship with me and her relationship with him at once. Two people. Both of whom love her.

And I can’t help but look at my own romantic relationship. DP and I have been cooped up in the house together for a long time. Nerves have frayed. Tempers have flared. But also we have laughed and commiserated and reminded each other why we deserve each other (bad puns and terrible Russian accents come to mind; no one wants to inflict that on other people).

It’s Sunday morning and I have a lot to do today. I have papers to grade and a new weeks’ worth of assignments, reading, and discussion to set up. But I also have 12,000 words of my own writing to clean up. I am choosing to write. They say (whoever they are) that love is a choice. You choose to stay in love with your partner.

I could (theoretically) choose to spend an illicit weekend with a stranger, but I choose not to go down that path. I choose to spend my Saturday night with DP rewatching Agent Carter (no, really, it’s so good I watched it twice). But I also choose to be a writer. I could be building a snow fort, but instead I’m typing a blog post and will go on to edit those 12,000 words.

I’ve written (for me) a record number of words and stayed with DP a record number of years. What records are you breaking?


7 responses to “For the Record

  1. Indy, I insist you come stay at Chez Carter sometime in 2015. I’ll cook for you and we can drink bourbon while we talk about our Fuckers and complain about all the sunshine. Deal?

  2. I love this post. I’m breaking lounging around records. I feel for you with the winter catastrophe that is the East at the moment. I say if you can write and love you’re doing okay. Spring has to come, right?

    • I hope you have figured out that with each assignment you mark, you need to keep a list of cookie-cutter text that you can copy and paste so you don’t have to write “please include a page number with all quotes”, or you can just write a macro (^Q) that will paste that same admonition. I have a file filled with template text for my students. Each year they make the same mistakes.

  3. Today, I’m breaking the record for most accumulated static electricity.

    I’m a walking Van de Graaff generator with homicidal hair (it’s been trying to strangle or suffocate me all morning) and a sweater that’s throwing off visible sparks when I move. ZAP!

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