Morning Light

There are mornings when getting up is better than sleeping a few minutes longer. I swept aside tangled dreams of murder and a splitting headache with a cup of coffee and the reluctant dawn.

I was set to write a despairing post, but then the man I’m married to appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, with doughnuts.

I wrote a complicated work email, ate my doughnut, and took my headache back to bed. After a brief nap, I’ve been alternately trying and failing to work on two different projects, but my cold is making it hard for me to focus.

Then I got an email from a friend with just some straight up encouragement. And now I can’t even complain.

What encourages you?


6 responses to “Morning Light

  1. Darjeeling tea, perfectly brewed with filtered water, and without milk, sugar or lemon. Then I can conquer the world. Just that tangy end-taste. You don’t need anything else!

    However, in contrast, the day I wake up and the darjeeling tastes like fishwater (it sometimes does, inexplicably. do you think it’s the tea, or my mouth?), i might as well not get up.

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