Confessions of a Disorganized Human Being

Yesterday I was so anxious about everything I had to do before I went off to win the AWP that I got practically nothing done. In order to calm the chaos of my brain, however, I did manage to do two Do or Die tasks and one Long Long Long Overdue task. I couldn’t settle down to grade papers, but I did manage dishes, laundry, and recycling. Without using 41 Insanely Detailed Style Charts Every Woman Should Look At Only If She Has Unlimited Time and Income, I figured a few cool poet outfits to get me through the conference. Jeans and jackets, baby!

So I did get things done, I just didn’t get my papers graded.

I have started reading Apartment Therapy and Organizing blogs again. When I went freelance seven years ago, I did a massive and relatively effective organization of my office. Well, I’ve moved since then and acquired my father’s papers, so it is time to work my way up to another organization of said office.

Some of the tips on the blogs are helpful, others are completely and totally laughworthy. Use an insert to help fold your clothes in a way that you can put them on a shelf like a book? Have a whole book to explain an organization system? Please kill me now. Organize your to do list by emotion? Please tell me more.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 8.04.17 AM

Now this is a woman who understands me. If there were more cussing, I could have written the following:

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 8.08.26 AM

I am not the person who can’t work unless everything is put away. Nor am I the person who will clean bathrooms their friends’ bathrooms before they will use them. I am the person who needs a good narrative to get through her day, and if it makes me laugh because of the melodrama, all the better.

How do you get shit done?


3 responses to “Confessions of a Disorganized Human Being

  1. I can’t get anything done because I’m too busy getting organized. Being organized is OVERRATED!!

    Damn, it’s Wednesday and you’re at AWP and I’m not. Waaahhh.

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