AWP: Did You Have Fun?

Do you do nothing but complain? Probably. However there were some beautiful moments at AWP listed in no particular order.

1. The sun came out.

2. I had lunch twice at an amazing Vietnamese restaurant. Both times I ordered roasted pork salad (with cucumbers, vermicelli, bean sprouts, lettuce, and other goodness). Now I want pork salad for breakfast.

3. I saw college friends I had not seen in years. One gave me a shutterfly pic book about the huge road trip we made west between our junior and senior years. Big tough Indy almost cried.

3a. We went out for lunch and shared beer and food and memories. DP came along. As I left I saw the three of them standing together as they had been together most of my college years and since (two of them were roommates and the third was the boyfriend, now husband, of one of the roommates). This moved me.

4. My broke now-sober friend got to AWP on a kickstarter campaign. He had a great time.

5. The sun came out.

6. My Grad Friend coffees were everything I needed from a writer friend. And I conned her into reading my manuscript. “You’re kinda my perfect reader,” I said. “What do I have to do?” I added melodramatically. “I don’t know,” she said. “Do you like mysteries?” Do I like mysteries? Do I read anything but memoir and mysteries and some poems sometimes? [Spoiler: No.] Done and done.

7. One great consolation for going to terrible poetry readings is bonding with people afterward about how godawful bad poetry readings are.

8. I made three new real friends.

What have you done this week?


3 responses to “AWP: Did You Have Fun?

  1. Why didn’t I think about a kickstarter?! Dang it.

    I started my new job yesterday. And I sent a desist letter to a subscription website that’s selling one of my stories without permission.

    • I mean, his wealthier friends kicked in $50 and $100, but on my friend’s birthday, DP said, “If you would have bought Friend a drink, consider donating that money to send him to AWP.” I thought that was a good line.

      Do you know how to just write a desist letter?

      • I don’t have wealthy friends. Oh, well. 🙂

        This was my first desist letter (writing or receiving) but there was an example available for others who have had this problem with that group. 😛

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