These are the Days

Sometimes we throw our work into the winds. Sometimes we spend all winter blowing off paying work to write a complicated essay. Sometimes we write it from bed with a dog snoozing against our leg because it’s snowing again. Sometimes we beg our friends to read our essays because we think we have something good, but it’s not there yet, and we’re out of ideas. Sometimes we send it out. And sometimes we get acceptances.

[Cue singing, dancing, and some small-scale boasting.]

One of the things you guys as well as AWP and a few select friends have taught me is that I do not self-promote enough. Not that I am trying to sell anything to you at all. But there is no shame in talking about good things.

What good things have happened to you?*

*Don’t worry, cranky Indy will be back to her cranky self soon enough.

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