Get Cracking!

Indy Clause (via text): I just started reading Ordinary Light by Tracy Smith. I’m prepared to love/hate her.

[Smith’s Life on Mars is everything I try to do. She made me cry (in a good way) when I heard her read at AWP a few years ago. She is a droolworthy poet.]

Friend 1: I hate all poets. You’re only hating one.

[I’m pretty sure she meant that she hates poets because we are so awesome. This is how I chose to read her remarks.]

Friend 2: I’m glad I’m not a poet.

Indy: She is sort of writing my book and she writes better than I do.

Friend 2: Doubtful.

Indy to Self: I wouldn’t just say that if I didn’t think it were true. I have some arrogance/pride.

Indy to Friends: She has three books of poetry and a Pulitzer under her belt.

Friend 1: You don’t write that well…yet. Who’s to say you won’t have five books of poetry and three Pulitzers. Get cracking, baby girl.

What keeps you going?


11 responses to “Get Cracking!

  1. Well, I hate Siddharta Mukhergee. That’s with only ONE book and a Pulitzer. Why even bother turning on my computer?

    PS-Siddharta Muckergee. If you are lurking on this page, I am sure you know that by “hate” I mean “love.” But you’ve taken my breath away, and my fingers have gone limp. That’s on you!

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