Notes from a Nonexistent Spring

It really is spring, I just don’t like to acknowledge the 50-degrees and cloudy aspect of the season that is supposed to be warm, sunny, and full of (other people’s) short skirts and flowers.

I really needed to see these goofy photos of dogs falling asleep anywhere. Yet another collection of someone else’s dogs, really? Yes. Really. It’s been a complicated week.

It turns out the Missouri Review doesn’t mind that I send them poems every day every few months.

Why grade papers when you can answer emails? Why grade papers when you can check facebook? Why grade papers when you can read the poetry book you bought yesterday at your husband’s reading? Why grade papers when you can drop hints about your activities on your blog?

I’m gonna go grade papers. What are you going to do?


10 responses to “Notes from a Nonexistent Spring

  1. I’m at the office, surging from crisis to crisis. (Was supposed to be a slow day.) Later I’m going to run 5 miles to get my total to 100 for the month. Then hot bath and collapse.

    • OK so I’m doing research for the reading I am doing tomorrow. I gotta be able to describe Petrarch for my petrarchan sonnet. (That is the most pretentious comment ever, but it is also true.)

  2. This morning I found a jogging loop in a park. It’s only a one-mile loop and it’s 10 miles from my house, but I’m ecstatic! Taking the dog for a run later. Goal: 3 loops. 🙂

  3. I am going to go respond to the emails from the students of the papers I marked and sent back to them yesterday…

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