This weekend I read in a regional literary festival. My panel went really well, each of us read different kinds of poems, and we all were good, which let me tell you does not always happen. And none of us had poetry voice.

Then I skipped three panels and two readings.

What? Why would you avoid this poetry festival held just about in your very own backyard? Well, I like to blame it on the poets. You see, one of my very dear poetry friends came to visit. I see her periodically in poetry circles, but it had been so long since we could really talk. It’s like seeing your sister in a crowd without having time to talk about all the shit you need to talk about.

And with three sisters, I don’t use that word lightly.

Then I read a bunch of Anna Akhmatova, which I wouldn’t have otherwise done. And then I made Vietnamese pork salad a la Vietnamese pork salad I ate two days a row at AWP (it would have been three days in a row if my college friends hadn’t invited me out on the third day). Recipe to follow if I get any encouragement.

What do you skip?


13 responses to “Truancy

  1. I skip my reading group, my running club, my writing sessions, my friends, my family, my meds. About the only thing I don’t skip are my runs. (400 miles so far this year)

  2. (Am I allowed to have a separate conversation about running with Paul? I used to run all the time too. I wrote three books on running! Now I have a “wheel chair.” It’s got two wheels and I sit down on it. Some people call it a mountain bike.

    Who needs a running group, if you can run on your own? That’s not skipping. that’s sensible!)

    As for Indy, she should think of conferences as skipping parties. One is only supposed to go to schmooze. One can read a poem on one’s own. And probably with less poet voice. But, one can’t be with poets on one’s own, except one’s own inner poet. Skip away!

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