In Which I Turn Into My Father

I am at a poetry reading. The woman standing on stage talks about tulips as yellow as the sun. The image bothers me. First, it is boring, a little cliche. But then I begin thinking more critically. (The reading was boring, what could I do?)

What color is the sun? We usually see it in infrared or maybe ultraviolet. The Hubble photos are color-enhanced.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to write about what color the sun actually is?

Color is reliable here on earth (if you’re not color blind or arguing with your second sister about the color of your third sister’s childhood bedroom). But not in space. There are colors that human eyes are not made to understand because we don’t process the right waves.

Isn’t that more interesting than tulips that are as yellow as the sun?

What do you overthink?


6 responses to “In Which I Turn Into My Father

  1. There is NOTHING that I don’t overthink. And don’t say that’s a double negative, of course it is.

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