Life Complete?

In addition to writing, editing, adjuncting, thinking about what I’m going to have for dinner, and being bossed around by my dog, I also work as a writing tutor. After every session, the student fills out a wee little survey that lets my tutorial overlords know how the session went. The other day I got a tally of the notes on my tutoring abilities.

“[Indy] makes grammar fun.”

I make what what? I know I make it fun for you guys because I can cuss a lot. (Sometimes I cuss with the students too.) But for all my snobbitude on how to use the correct dash, I am not very good at explaining commas and other grammatical issues that my students face on a daily basis.

(This of course is because I had to learn about en/em dashes and when to write numerals and when to write out numbers and APA style as an adult. The comma shit I learned from Maternal Clause and thus don’t remember requiring the knowledge. But you should have seen the scowl on Maternal Clause’s face. You would have learned quick too, even if it was an affectionate scowl.)

[*Paul, what if I went from “would have” to “woulda” in informal speech? I’ll consider it.]

I don’t know who that student was, but she made my day. What makes your day?


9 responses to “Life Complete?

  1. Yesterday when I got to work (I start my shift at 1pm) someone said that the whole atmosphere brightens when I come in, and then two other people chimed in as if they’d been thinking the same thing. It was a lovely thing to hear. Almost makes me want to throw down an emoticon.

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