Section 5 Revision, Day 7

[Note from Management: Indy has no idea what day her revision of section 5 is on.]

Friend: How’s the book coming?

Indy: *Dramatic sigh*

Friend: *Encouraging giggle*

Indy, realizing that Friend (who is a writer) really wants to know: Not good. I have to redo section 5. It was all in some kind of order, but then I wrote a bunch more and broke it apart again. Now I have to put it back in order. *dramatic sigh*

Friend: You’ll figure it out.

[Note from Management: Indy’s friends have a high tolerance for Indy’s melodrama.]

Indy: Then I realized that a bunch of the new stuff is boring and has to go. So I’m cutting three pages. [Briefly mourns her word count.]

Friend: Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Indy: Yes, I do. But then after I cut the new pages, I realized that the first scene and the last scene of the section now relate to each other.

Friend: Oh, that’s good!

Indy: Oh. You’re right! I guess I’m not as bad off as I thought.

The moral of this story is surround yourself with good writer friends. What’s the moral of your story?


4 responses to “Section 5 Revision, Day 7

  1. I’m starting a whole new essay from scratch. (this is also called “memoir avoidance” which I’m certain is a technical, or maybe even medical, term)

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