The morning after

My favorite second sister left last night and we were all sad and glum. Well, at least I had two poodles to console me because the triplet tornado briefly joined the hurricane clause, and the triplet tornado comes with a dog. But now they are gone too and DP and I are alone in the house.

I’m a little bit light headed. No dog wanting things? No triplets coming up to be amused? No sister needing just the right word—I swear to god, Cougar, there is not a single word for that particular thing!

So I turn to the quieter needs. My book whining in the corner, my paper on fly brains desperately needing to be returned to my editorial overlords, a few books wanting to go back to the library. Dishes tired of being mucked up with my amazing spicy peanut noodles (recipe available upon request).

And once I’m settled in, it’s immediately back to Home State to watch The Kid (my niece) graduate from high school. She feels old and I feel ancient.

What are you guys up to?


8 responses to “The morning after

  1. Not to bring things down . . . but I just made an appointment to have our geriatric cat put to sleep. So now I’m trying to tell myself that I’m doing the right thing for the right reasons.

    It’s not working very well.

  2. Ah, Sarah W, Indy and I thought we had it bad, but yours is a pretty hard task. At least Indy and I will keep seeing each other every year.

    I am sure you are all wondering what it’s like to live with Indy? Right? Well, it involves LOTS of food, and ALMOST AS MUCH cafeine, and non-stop, non-sequitur talking.

    Sad to have left, but now I am in [name of city redacted, but where the Queen lives] and can’t even call Indy (very often) since it’s too expensive from here. Weather’s pretty nice, but not quite as nice as Chez Indy, because there, the Sister Winds (I mean, “Whims”) buffet us gently (I mean “ferociously”) from topic to topic… Never a dull moment!

    Miss you Indy. :>(

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