Operating at Full Crankitude, Captain!

Good morning! Things at Fangs and Clause Central are rocketing back to normal. No more traveling, visitors, or having people do dishes for me for at least another few weeks. With normalcy comes a few points of irritation.

1. I fucking hate nostalgia. It’s fine to look back, but keep your “wasn’t it better when we could use rotary telephones, ride a bike in a creek, and get whupped, and we still turned out okay” to yourself. You were probably posting it from your fucking smart phone, asshole.

1a. I fucking hate that the Confederate flag is nostalgia. The number of times I’ve seen a Confederate flag next to an American flag here in the North just shows how ignorant people are of actual history. I learned today that flying the stars and bars came back into style in 1961. Because that is an enlightened year in history that we should all aspire to repeat. I guess we’re repeating it anyway.

2. I fucking hate the fact that the last mystery story I read had five glaring typos. These weren’t the kind of thing only a copyeditor were notice, these were the kinds of err[rs that loo k like thise.

2a. Hire me, goddamnit.

3. I fucking hate that no one will do anything about access to guns. I am not against guns in principle. But a background check should be fucking necessary. Let’s all talk about flags instead rather than making actual change.

What do you hate today?


13 responses to “Operating at Full Crankitude, Captain!

  1. Oh, yeah, and thank fucking god my father is not alive to see how much I cuss. This post reflects nothing about the thoughtful loving way in which he raised me. He would have been 90 (!) today. Happy Birthday, Paternal Clause.

  2. Ahhh guns. Or, rather, our national fucking obsession with guns.

    A girlfriend of mine in CA now has a gun. It’s pink. Home / self protection and all that. Know how she got it? Her brother bought it at a gun show in Nevada and gave it to her, so it’s officially his gun even though it’s in her house.

    Both my friend and her brother could legally own a gun, but they don’t have to register it because of where it was purchased so they’re not going to. None of this makes one bit of fucking sense to me.

  3. I am absolutely against guns in principle. Guns do nothing for society other than to promote fear and abet criminals. I hate every single thing they represent.

  4. (I am the one who washed Indy’s dishes. Good sister, am I!)

    Hey little cuss-pot: do you really think you can have the last word by virtue of word-press’s structure? OK, you GOT the last word on the was/was not thing, but not because I let you; because word press wouldn’t let me reply.

    You did NOT technically have the last word on that. DID NOT!

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