It’s cloudy at Fangs and Clause central. This week has been a little rocky for a couple totally uninteresting reasons. Our country is in a full-scale meltdown over its racist self. Then I found this.

There’s nothing I love more than making fun of rich entitled white people. I’ve been repeating, “my uterus literally aches” to DP and my friends. I laughed, I cried, I read the comments.

This article is Indy Clause Christmas.

What’s been cracking you up recently?


7 responses to “Bwahahaha!

  1. “I have begun to resent the dream house” —- HAHAHAHAHA! And my second favorite: “[We] are teaching our young children about self-control by living as their example.”


  2. I am worried about you Indy. I can’t think of ANY way I would have ever stumbled across a page like that, much less read it. Are you OK? Should you be focussing more on your work? Do you need more medicine?


    Your favourite second sister

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