Don’t Write, Don’t Revise

Don’t write about your family when you’re on your way to see some of your oldest friends. Don’t write that same day because you want to be calm rather than sad. Don’t write on the anniversary of a parent’s death. See above.

Don’t submit when you’re tired and you hate everything you’ve ever written. Don’t read twitter, because that will remind you that writers you love and respect are getting published all over the place. Don’t follow their links about publishing because they’ve been published in magazine X 10,000 times and are feeling nostalgic about it.

Don’t feel bad that you’ve been rejected by magazine X 10,000 times and have never even had an editor say anything about your work. Don’t go on facebook. There lies racism, corruption, and puppy pictures.

Instead go one state to the north with your dog and your man. Visit old friends. Swim in a lake. OK, don’t swim if you hate swimming. [Management: Jesus H. Christ, Indy Clause is difficult.] Sit on the fucking dock and get your feet wet, okay? Okay.

Hunker down. Don’t get eaten by bears. Or mosquitos. Or overenthusiastic four-year-olds. Eat good food. Drink tea if there is no coffee. Hope your friend’s mom will make cherry pie with the cherries from your very own tree. Ne freak out pas.


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