Writing Retreat Complete with House Cleaning

DP has left me (temporarily) to go to Fancy Fancy Writing Conference.

“I wish you were going with me. I have to go schmooze with writers and you’re my social buffer,” he said before he left.

“Wait, I thought you were my social buffer?” (This is one of the reasons our marriage works.)

But now I’m a bachelor again. When I first lived with DP, he went away to teach for six weeks every summer. Six weeks is a long time to be a bachelor. Then he only taught one session and we had been together longer. Three weeks is not too bad. I think two weeks is better, however.

I know how it goes. The first two days I am happy. The whole bed to myself! No one else to consider! Imma gonna eat cereal for THREE WHOLE MEALS IN A ROW! But then I get a little wistful. I mean, I married that man for a reason (other than his cooking prowess). He is one of my favorite people to hang out with, even if he takes up more than his fair share of the bed.

This time I’m using the echoing emptiness of my house for a purpose. I’m going to finish the damn book. Well maybe not finish finish, but I’m going to finish my draft and send it off to victim beta reader.

I have a sinking feeling that my next editing technique should be to read the whole damn thing out loud. (God help me.)

What’s your editing advice? What should I do while DP is gone (that doesn’t involve illegal substances or breaking my marriage vows)?


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