Fresh Pencils

Dear lord. With all that emoting in the past few days, I had almost forgotten that today was the first day of classes. I’m as cool as a cucumber, or possibly in denial. It’s 9:30 and I haven’t even decided for sure what I am going to wear.

It’s like I don’t even know myself anymore.

Last time I did this before real live undergraduates I had a moment where I thought, “Why are these kids all staring at me? Oh, because I’m supposed to teach them. Fuck.” I fully expect to have a similar thought today.

But I have lecture notes, some potential outfits, and my mom’s grownup fancy watch. I know what I’m taking for a snack (never lecture hungry) and I’m going to fortify myself with coffee and wander by the classroom to make sure it has online access/projection capabilities.

What are you doing today?


4 responses to “Fresh Pencils

  1. I hope your first day went well. Did you get a picture of yourself on your front porch for the first day of school?

    One thing I wanted to do on the first day was hand out pencils will the class name/number printed on them. (Cheap enuf to find online and have made.) I never did that though.

    • Paul, I love this pencil idea! And Indy, would Paternal and/or Maternal Clause have appreciated the first day of school porch photo? Then it must be taken, jaded DP or no.

      • Ha! The Clause family didn’t know that you were supposed to take photos on the porch on the first day of school. Because I am the youngest child, they probably also would have been too jaded to do so.

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