National Freelancer Work Outside Day

I’m bad at relaxing and bad at holidays. A lot of smart people talk about how freelancers should take time off. And I do. But in order to take time off, one has to schedule for it or run out of work. And I did not schedule my life in a way that I could take this Monday off. As a result, I declare it National Freelancer Work Outside Day.

I did the first pass of my article on sexual choices and parasites (no, really) inside. Then I took myself, my dog, and a pile of notebooks to the porch and graded outside. The students did much better this way, let me tell you what. I watched the park next to my house fill up with people with blankets, beach balls, and grills.

I’m back inside to check the accuracy of a reference in MLA and to bang this out. Then I’m going to do a little bit of lesson planning on the computer. As soon as technologically possible, I’m going to print something out and take it outside again. There’s work to do! And the dog has some squirrels to catch and people to watch. Damn squirrels.

How are you at national holidays?


8 responses to “National Freelancer Work Outside Day

  1. DH (who had the day off) took the kids to the zoo and I worked on getting a paper draft uploaded that was due last Friday but wasn’t going to officially upload until Tuesday because of the holiday anyway. One of my RAs also worked.

    I did work from home instead of going into the office, and didn’t bother changing out of my pajamas!

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