The Black Hole

Until a few days ago, the most recent version of The Fucker was chronological. With the help of Beta Reader, I am breaking the space–time continuum (that’s an en dash for those of you who care). I’m collapsing time. It’s the black hole of revisions. And I’m hoping that’s a good thing.

Please, powers that I don’t believe in, let that be a good thing.

I have a hard time organizing on a good day. Collapsing time terrifies me, and that’s not just because I’ve watched a lot shows that take place on spaceships. The center will not hold.

I’m really just waiting for someone to take a look at it and nod. Yes, yes this works. Polish up all those places where your writing is lazy. Fix your minor errors. Stop changing the tense all the fucking time. Banish “just” from your vocabulary. Then go ahead. Turn it in.

Ah, maybe next draft. Fuck.

How is your writing? Does your guiding hand shake?


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