Eating my weight in biscuits

I am back from a book festival in a southern city. I drank interesting bourbon every night and did my very best to eat my weight in biscuits. (I am a food-driven person without steady access to southern food in this fried chicken wasteland I now call home.) The economics and organization of the festival were interesting. DP definitely did not sell enough books to justify our going to the next town even. The festival was fun but had some serious organizational flaws, and was not set up to sell books at the readings itself, which to my mind was silly.

But if we looked at it as a weekend away it was very successful. We ate well, met some writers, saw the sites, hung out with some old friends, and did I mention put away a whole lot of biscuits? I am shamblingly tired and am desperately hoping that my coherence comes back before I have to stand in front of undergraduates and teach them about logical fallacies or bias or whatever I decided last night I would teach them about.

[Interlude in which the real-life persona behind Indy Clause gathers materials to teach a class about bias through climate change denial.]

What have you been up to?


7 responses to “Eating my weight in biscuits

  1. Yesterday I dropped my phone in the lake. This morning I slid off my wet muddy driveway and almost lost my car to the woods. This afternoon I packed up our freezer and stuffed it all in the neighbor’s freezer because we are about to lose power for 3 days. Tomorrow morning we are moving out (to where? Where?!?!) with our 3 large dogs.

    Wait. What was the question? 😉

  2. Oh Teri… be strong!

    Indy: are you sure you got the use of “persona” right? Isn’t that a real-live “person” behind the “persona” of Indy? You see, I thought YOU were real.

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