How Old Am I?

The other day in class one of my students said, “Professor, I have a question.”


“How old are you when you’re middle aged?”

I stared at the twenty-year-old blankly. Then I laughed.

“Well, I have a hard time answering that. You see, I just turned 40. So how about 45?”

We decided on early middle age at 40-ish. And then I came across this link: Essays that we, as ladies of early middle age, would like to see written.

The Kid (my niece), who is not yet 20, told me that when she was younger she thought she would grow up and be another person. I sighed and agreed with her that it wasn’t how it was happened. I told her that sometimes I felt like a 40-year-old adult, but more often I felt like a confused 22-year-old. I’m not sure that was helpful or not.

And of course now that my back is out I feel 70.

What essays would you like to see written?


2 responses to “How Old Am I?

  1. When I was a wee 30-year-old thing, I really wanted to find the essay, How I Really Feel Now That I’ve Had a Baby. Really. For Real.

    I had no luck.

    If I were to write such a thing for the benefit of today’s wee 30-year-olds who are considering motherhood, it would go like this: Wrecked; desperate; better; amazing.

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