One of the so-called benefits of being somewhat generous about reading other people’s work and excessively generous (one might almost say pushy) about giving people writing advice is that some of it sticks with me (one might almost say echoes annoyingly in my ear).

I’ve spent the week suffering from an array of minor maladies and so my real-life persona is dangerously close to my Indy Clause persona. Suffice it to say I am cranky. I might have even whined on the phone to my second oldest sister. Might have. So when my friend texts me to say that she can’t figure out how to write a piece that a Large Publication has solicited, I was only slightly sympathetic. I know my friend and I know depression has an insidiously convincing voice.

“I don’t think I can write in the style they want!” she said.

“Bullshit,” said the ever-patient, supportive me. “This is your topic. Find your angle.”

And because my friend is a trooper she wrote back, “Thanks, I needed that.”

I am not quite sick enough to languish in bed all day, but I am not quite well enough to operate the clutch on the truck without whimpering in back pain. So I planned to do some things around the house and read for the rest of the day. Surely I am to feeble to tackle the worst section of my book, right?

Nope. It’s my topic, it’s the crux of the book. Find the damn angle.

How do you find your angle?


3 responses to “Advice

  1. funny the parallels I see here. Indy is right. She did call her ferocious older sister to ask for sympathy. And what did her ferocious older sister say? Well, she heard the whaw whaw. Whaw my back is sore! Whaw I have a cold! Whaw I live 25 yards from [pretty location redacted]; in fact, I can see it from my window; in fact there’s nothing between my yard and [prettiness] but a chain link fence, some roses, and probably some weeds because I don’t mulch as much as you told me…. Whaw, whaw.

    “Bullshit!” I said, the ever-patient and supportive me, “get out and walk that dog! Move that back! Activate those abs! … and stop your whinging.”

    She did.

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