Nanowrimo and the Advanced Writer

According to Nanowrimo, one can write 1667 words a day and have a novel in a month. I like Nanowrimo because it forces you to go beyond what you think you can do. I have not ever done the program, but my roommate did back in the day and it was fun to talk to her about it (in the four minutes that she wolfed down her dinner before disappearing into her room to meet her word count).

My own MS has clocked in at the dreamed-for 75,000 words (75,289 for those keeping track at home; oh yeah, that was just me). Writing an extra 50,000 words would not do me any good. Getting this revision done faster, however, would do me good.

Rough poet calculations say that I could revise this whole MS in a month working on 2500 words a day. Could I do that? It would be a struggle but not suicidal.

Nanorevisemo. Who’s in with me? We could post weekly revision stats. C’mon. Make your own nanowrimo. Don’t leave me in this alone.


8 responses to “Nanowrimo and the Advanced Writer

  1. I’m on record for believing that NaNoWriMo is “stunt writing.” Over at The Millions today they have an article calling for NaGrafWriMo in which you spend a month writing a perfect paragraph rather than a lousy novel.

    • Snort. I still believe writing a lousy novel is better than no novel at all if you want to write a novel. I’m going to go read that next.

      So far nanorevisemo has been very good for a) having a clean kitchen, b) returning long-overdue emails, c) planning Thanksgiving, and d) doing some (needed?) research.

      But I met yesterday’s goal and today is still young. 🙂

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