Cessation of Pain

Everything’s wrong. I have a cup of coffee, a quiet room, some bluegrass, a spooky graveyard that I can see from my office window. Everything should be fine, but it isn’t. I hate writing. I’m going to give up. But not until I finish this fucking month of revising. I’ve checked facebook twenty times and trolled a couple of websites looking for clothing I don’t have the need or funds to buy. I read a review of a book that I love.

I drag my eyes back to the manuscript. The transition between the chapters are total shit. Maybe there is someplace else in the chapter I can start? No, not really. Fuck writing. I’m going to go rake leaves. Wait, one idea. What if I put the next chapter before the current shit-show chapter? Oh. That works! It continues the theme of the previous chapter, but goes into more depth. Cool. There is a gradual cessation of pain. I find the will to keep on living and writing.

What keeps you going?


7 responses to “Cessation of Pain

  1. What keeps me going? Today, I got a rejection. It was in XX – the Big Journal in my field. They’ve had the manuscript for months. I had already revised it for them. Didn’t expect a rejection.

    But I got a Dr. Cougar rejection again. word for word: “If the author’s main claim is that X is transformative, this argument has already been made by Dr Cougar in [Chapter Y]” Why this keeps me going?

    1) that they even knew Dr Cougar exists
    2) that they even took chapter Y seriously – it was just scene-setting before I knew anything about the subject.
    3) that I feel smarter for them for understanding why I am right and they are wrong
    4) that shit. I’ve got work to do. I haven’t convinced anyone

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