Writing Weather

The rain is pissing down and the wind sounds like waves. My office window faces north and so gets the brunt of the weather. Right now my neighbor’s tree is a wet orange blur and the window frame creaks in the wind. Classic bleak New England. One of my friends used to live in Taos and talked about how it was hard to get anything done in the relentlessly clear days.

I don’t want to leave the house, not even for coffee. And that’s good because I’ve got a paper to edit, student papers to grade, and 2500 words to revise. What’s it like where you are?


8 responses to “Writing Weather

  1. OMG – Lesley Wheeler hangs out on your page? You lucky thing! You know something I can just almost imagine? Indy and Lesley coming over for dinner. I bet we’d have fun…

    Weather where I am? 60s, soft clouds across a blue sky, gorgeous. No, I am not where Lesley is (where’s that?), but still. Oh, and no wind. Unusual where I live.

  2. We had rain last week that flooded the basement bedroom. The carpet is ripped up, all the furniture is in a pile, and they cut out 2 ft of drywall, which industrial fans are still blowing on 6 days later, 24 hrs a day.

    And it’s supposed to rain tonight.

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