Poet Math

The number of words I should revise by tomorrow in order to keep up with my revision goals: 35,000

The number of words I have revised as of 10:42 a.m.: 33,599

Whiny emails sent to my partner in revision since the beginning of the month: 27

Whiny emails sent to me from my partner in revision: 24

Robocalls this week offering me a cruise to the Bahamas: 2

Number of times I have believed that hanging up after hearing the word, “Congratulations! You have won…” has lost me a free cruise: 0

Orange leaves on my neighbor’s tree: Fewer than there used to be

Papers ungraded: 2

Favorite recent books that I’ve read: If the Oceans Were Ink and Bell Weather

Awareness that the above does not include a number: 100%

What are you counting?


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