Hanging on by my toenails

In order to finish my chapbook to submit it to a contest I had to do the following:

  1. Figure out whether heat lightning happens just at night
  2. Find another word for scarf
  3. Remind myself whether the plant was named crowned vetch or crown vetch

Poetry is weirdly specific, which is why I love it.

What have you looked up recently?


7 responses to “Hanging on by my toenails

  1. I’ve recently looked up coral identification, the biography of a designer I admire (nothing like biographical details to give one a sense of satisfaction), the behavior of various plastics in the microwave, and evidence-based recipes for good pie crust, but nothing stands out in my mind as strongly as the time I mistook the Spanish word for “scarf” for the Spanish word for “meatball.” Not a graceful error.

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