I set out to revise 2500 words a day in November. I failed. Thanksgiving happened. An invitation to submit to a poetry chapbook contest happened. It’s mid December, and I’ve finished the read-through revision of lucky draft 17.

(Yes, my soul died slightly writing that.)

I have more to do, of course. There are some parts I glossed over and some places I need to add things. But I have a structure and an epilogue. And I have a couple willing victims to read this damn thing.

I am hopeful and pessimistic and aching.

Tell me something interesting; distract me from the existential void of revision.


5 responses to “Nanorevisemo

  1. The Chinese character for “walk” combines the characters for “step with the right foot” and “step with the left foot.”

    That’s all I got. Good for about 5 seconds worth of distraction, I figure. More if you let your mind drift, and think about all the structures and relationships implied by this.

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